Juan Hernando Torres Y Castillion

Vagabond Duelist


*Traits *

Brawn 2
Finesse 4
Resolve 2
Wits 2
Panache 3

*Skills *
Aim 2 Perform 1
Athletics 3 Ride 0
Brawl 1 Sailing 0
Convince 1 Scholarship 1
Empathy 2 Tempt 0
Hide 2 Theft 0
Intimidate 2 Warfare 1
Notice 1 Weaponry 3

Old Thean

You have devoted your life to mastering the blade.

Quirk: Earn a Hero Point when you resort to the edge of your blade to defend a noble ideal.

You have dedicated your life to the understanding of the Sword, not just its function.

Quirk: Earn a Hero Point when you best a trained duelist at her own game.


You gain 1 Bonus Die when you make a Weaponry Risk using a rapier, dagger, cutlass or similar weapon in one hand.

Disarming Smile
Spend a Hero Point to keep another character from drawing a weapon, starting a fight, or resorting to violence. She will still defend herself, but she will not start any violent conflicts.

Duelist Academy x 2
You may choose a Dueling Style. If you purchase this Advantage again, you gain an additional Dueling Style. See the Dueling chapter for more information.


Juan Hernando Torres Y Castillion

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